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Where the world comes to invest in businesses, the Web3 way.

The complete blockchain-powered capital raising and investing platform. Raise capital by issuing tokens, in minutes.


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Invest in top startups safely and quickly.

Inclusive Investing

We’re openeing the doors to investing in a decentralised way, managed by smart contracts. Orijin levels the playing field for crypto investing.





Invest with Ease

Within three clicks of your mouse, you can invest in the next big startup. Simply connect your wallet, enter an amount and invest.




Audit & KYC Tags

Security first. Easily view if a business has been audited and if they have been KYC’d. Investing smarter has never been easier.



View key business information before investing

With our intuitive investor dashboard, you will be able to view social links, business audits and/or KYC and much more.

Invest, and the blockchain securely handles the rest.

Connect your wallet, enter an amount you wish to invest and you be able to view how many tokens you’ll receive.


Business owners can access investors & quickly raise capital

Reach Investors Gloablly

Access a wide-array of investors, from new to very experienced and sophisticated. Gain access with Orijin.



Cross-Chain Access

Choose and list your business on BSC, Matic, or Ethereum across 4 DEXs (Pancakeswap, Uniswap, Quickswap & Sushiswap).






Fully Decentralised

With our neatly designed interface, we make it easy for you to launch capital raising with ease.


Customise your investment round with ease, such as soft cap and hard cap

We’ve simplified the process for business owners to list businesses, we understand you have other things to worry about.

Intuitive token pre-sale dashboard

View and customise all details about your pre-sale, use the slider to predict results such as funds raised, liquidity, fees and much more.


If we ever have a token, info will be found here.

Wen token?

Orijin Token

Maybe we will have a token, maybe we won’t, who knows. But first, let’s build the best decentralised investing and capital-raising platform.


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Seamless interface to access top blockchains & DEX’s.

We’ve made it super easy for business owners to raise capital and for investors to invest in top crypto businesses and non-crypto businesses across the top blockchains and DEX’s.


Raise capital, or start investing today.

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